Scott Steedman BSI Director, Maurizio Bragagni Tratos, Stanley Shen

As the strains of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ fade and the tears are dried after an emotional farewell by MEPs after approving the Brexit deal, it’s time for us to look forward and make sure Britain not only leaves with head held high, but keeps it that way.

I’m talking about Standards — with a capital ‘S’.

Our new status as ‘close friend’ rather than family member has to be worked at if it’s to be 1. Remembered and 2. Honoured.

If we also want to remain a natural business partner for Europe, then we’re going have to work hard to make Britain easy to trade with. The importance of Standards, and I mean compliance Standards, cannot be underestimated as we work to create an open Britain offering straightforward alignment of its products.

There is no one better placed than Scott Steedman, Director of Standards at the British Standards Institution, for the most enlightening insights into how best Britain should set out its store.

He points out that a critical part of global trade, where UK businesses and consumers had an unparalleled position of leadership, where nearly 100 important international committees were managed by UK experts and where the British approach shaped decisions taken by businesses on every continent — was the status quo for the UK as a European community member.

That influence embraced, says Scott, nearly every product and service you can buy in this country and those sold in most other places too. Arguably, it is the UK’s biggest single contribution to free trade and open markets.

I wanted to share with you some of Scott’s thoughts ahead of the deal’s sign off.

He said:

Scott goes on to add:

Scott’s views were published late last year. I thought it was worth reminding ourselves what’s at stake and what we can do to turn a potential threat into a real opportunity.

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