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Honour what a beautiful word and what a beautiful world was at the time when honour was a currency to spend in the society.

word of honour

The term “word of honor” is typically used to describe a promise or commitment that is made by an individual, and which is considered to be binding or trustworthy due to the person’s reputation for honesty and integrity.

When someone gives their word of honor, they are essentially making a promise or pledge that they will fulfill a certain obligation or commitment and that they will do so in a way that is consistent with their personal values and ethics. This can be seen as a way of establishing trust and credibility with others, suggesting that the person is willing to stand by their word and take responsibility for their actions.

The idea of the word of honor is closely linked to personal integrity, and is often associated with traditional values of honesty, loyalty, and responsibility. It is a way of establishing trust and credibility in personal and professional relationships, and is seen as an important aspect of building strong and enduring relationships with others.

In some cultures, the word of honor is considered to be a particularly solemn and binding pledge, and may be used to indicate the highest level of trust and commitment in personal or business relationships. In such cases, the word of honor is often seen as a powerful symbol of personal integrity and a commitment to ethical behavior and responsible conduct.

on my honor

The phrase “on my honor” is typically used to emphasise the solemnity and sincerity of a promise or pledge, particularly in personal or professional relationships. When someone says “on my honor”, they are essentially indicating that they are making a promise or commitment that is based on their personal sense of integrity and ethical behavior.

For example, a scout may say “on my honor” as part of the scout oath, which includes a pledge to do one’s best to live up to certain values and principles. Similarly, a professional may use the phrase “on my honor” to indicate the sincerity and…

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