Embrace adaptability advocates cable company CEO

Dr Maurizio Bragagni OBE
2 min readSep 29, 2017


Tratos UK CEO Dr Maurizio Bragagni, today (28th September) called upon the next generation of international business leaders to prepare better for the fourth industrial revolution.

Delivering the Opening Lesson for the Master in International Business at Deusto University in San Sebastian, Bilbao, Dr Bragagni spoke of international uncertainty and the challenges companies face for innovation.

During his Lesson, Dr Bragagni highlighted the need for continuous investment in training and development to enable a smooth transition through the next industrial revolution.

Dr Bragagni said: “It is about being ready now to embrace what is coming. We must be thinking about today’s and future challenges and understand how we can successfully adapt to them. I believe it is important to have the courage and foresight to stop and start a new, where necessary.

“New technology is the game changer and those companies who embrace change and are planning now how they can be more flexible and adaptive will survive. Self-driving trucks and cars, reinforcement learning and practical quantum computers are all within reach and their impact will be substantial.”

Italian born, Dr Bragagni, is passionate about his industry’s ability to drive world-stage progress in customers’ industries; from faster, safer and more efficient processing at the biggest trade ports to super fire-resistant cabling in metro networks, he completed an MBA (with a dissertation focused on innovation), in English (his second language), at Cass Business School of London in 2016.

The work he leads across Tratos’ facilities in the UK and Italy includes significant investment in the company’s people — encompassing the introduction of the Tratos Academy which focuses on fostering world-class product knowledge, innovative ideas and customer service. The academy is backed by an internal communications programme which aims to share knowledge and promote awareness of new and emerging technology in the cable industry.

The University of Deusto’s Master in International Business is run in close collaboration with business. It is the first official master in International Business taught entirely in English and is a pioneering programme for future executives wishing to specialise in the globalisation of organisations.

Tratos is one of Europe’s largest independent cable manufacturers. The company has five manufacturing facilities in Italy and the UK, employing people around the world producing electrical, electronic and fibre optic cable solutions.



Dr Maurizio Bragagni OBE

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