History of copper

As a chemical element, copper has the following properties:

  • Atomic number (number of protons in the nucleus): 29
  • Atomic symbol (on the periodic table of elements): Cu
  • Atomic weight (average mass of the atom): 63.55
  • Density: 8.92 grams per cubic…

Esharelife Think Tank (ETT) is a nonprofit, independent, non-governmental organization, not associated with any particular political parties or businesses. It serves as an open forum where like-minded people can freely share their ideas and knowledge on global development issues and the future of our planet.

ETT aims to expand its membership among the circles of intellectuals, business’ representatives, and academics. It will actively cooperate with several think tanks to promote the philosophy of sharing life in the digital era, disseminating information worth reading, and provoking lively discussion on matters that concern all of us. …

Maurizio Bragagni (Presidente della fondazione Esharelife):

Signore e Signori benvenuti!

Benvenuti a questa intervista, intervista che è una fantastica opportunità. Oggi abbiamo un grande uomo con noi. Un candidato, un amico, ma anche una persona che si è lanciato in una grossa sfida. Lui è Shaun Bailey, candidato per la carica di sindaco di Londra. Prima di iniziare, Shaun, vorrei darti il benvenuto alla nostra fondazione Esharelife. Esharelife è un ente di beneficenza che vuole condividere la vita nell’era digitale che, tra le sue missioni, non solo ha quella di combattere e prevenire la povertà, ma anche quella di investire…


An Italian-born British businessman has warned that Coronavirus could push Europe to the brink of civil unrest.

CEO of independent British cable manufacturer Tratos, Dr Maurizio Bragagni warned that Europe — built as the ultimate defence against a repeat of WWII — was breaking leaving member nations taking a piecemeal approach to fighting the virus.

The idea behind post-war former enemies sitting at the same table, sharing trade and open borders with old enmities buried and new alliances forged was, he said, to ensure a peaceful future shaped by co-operation.


MB/KM/20201004–1 10th April 2020

Dear Friends, colleagues, comrades,

God calls all of us, all human being to share the same destiny and sky. We can pretend to be different one of the other, and bring culture excuse, but the human heart is identical. It was the same from the prehistoric man, to the homo sapiens, it is the same now from the Italian to the British, the Japanese, Indian, Chinese, etc.

We desire the same thing, at the same time, at the same moment; to end this pandemic, to move on, to go back to life.

For one of the…

If the UK’s rallying call for self-isolation and social distancing compliance, support and a united front against Covid 19 is to work, then we have to recognise that, while protecting the NHS is key, so is thanking those who are keeping our healthcare and other vital services going.

They are the unsung heroes, and they are essential to winning this battle.

We can only maintain a strong frontline if we have a robust, committed and dedicated support system — and we are very, very fortunate in the calibre of people keeping their heads and doing their jobs.

Every supermarket delivery…

This Government is ‘not the typical’ in so many ways. Yesterday’s Budget, by a Chancellor barely 4 weeks in post was one of the most surprising for many people.

After more than a decade of caution, of saving, of working to stimulate economic growth, this Budget recognised that, if ever there was a time to spend, that time is now.

Yes, it makes sense to deliver on investment promises and, in these challenging times, go further still and tackle the infrastructure that has been put on a back burner while other priorities were managed.

Health and business dominated, and rightly…

Coronavirus, Brexit deal negotiations in the shadow of a shared world health concern, record UK rainfall and a Britaiwith no crops in the ground yet, a pound losing ground, share prices dropping and a budget in the wings for a new-in-post Chancellor.

The convergence of all these things are challenging in the extreme for a government, especially one with a relatively new cabinet, and the economy.

This is not the first time the world has faced these kind of health challenges, most recently from Ebola to Swine Flu.

The government has a pandemic influenza checklist for businesses https://tinyurl.com/t9gqo4z and recognises…

Scott Steedman BSI Director, Maurizio Bragagni Tratos, Stanley Shen

As the strains of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ fade and the tears are dried after an emotional farewell by MEPs after approving the Brexit deal, it’s time for us to look forward and make sure Britain not only leaves with head held high, but keeps it that way.

I’m talking about Standards — with a capital ‘S’.

Our new status as ‘close friend’ rather than family member has to be worked at if it’s to be 1. Remembered and 2. Honoured.

If we also want to remain a natural business partner for Europe, then we’re going have to work hard to…

Very little about the Brexit process until post-election could be described as smooth, but what I do heartily commend is the current dose of common sense and realism around where we are now, what’s in store and how best to plan for taming foreign trade arrangements.

Michael Gove last week admitted that there were no guarantees that trade would be ‘frictionless’. He’s right, there’s lots to do.

The prize is worth fighting for, and both sides should want it — that long-term free trade deal.

Of course there are not insubstantial barriers to overcome. The EU is enmired with seemingly…

Maurizio Bragagni

Father of four. Consul @consolatorsmuk CEO of @Tratosgroup & @eShareLife Chairman. @CassBusiness MBA.

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